Lactocore is a biopharmaceutical company at the early preclinical stage that develops peptide-based therapeutics for a range of psychiatric conditions within the spectrum of depressive and anxiety disorders. The company’s approach includes rational drug design against carefully selected CNS targets to ensure high specificity and efficacy of drug candidates, combined with anticipated exceptional safety profile of peptides. Lactocore identified heretofore unknown family of peptides with biological activity in anxiety and depression, by means of proprietary processing of whey and casein from bovine's milk. Mass spectrometry and bioinformatics analysis have been used to narrow down the number of relevant peptides, and a proprietary 3D docking algorithm has been applied to identify individual peptides with the best fit to binding sites of preselected receptors thought to induce the signalling cascades similar to "rapid" antidepressants. The leading peptides are being studied in vitro and in vivo, including efficacy, preliminary toxicity and mode of action. We are only focusing on novel peptides and are filing for patent protection. The most advanced candidates are ready for formal preclinical development. Targeted indications include PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), TRD (treatment-resistant depression), and bipolar depression. We are looking for partnering and collaboration opportunities to speed up building the pipeline of our peptide drug candidates and moving them towards clinical research.

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